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Best Quality Products

Delicious, Tasty & Fresh Frozen Food Products

Committing to frozen also means we can offer you the widest range of Products, of the highest quality, at all times.

About Us

Welcome to Savoy’s Foods, where culinary passion meets exceptional quality. With 10 years of expertise in the food industry, we’ve curated a legacy rooted in sourcing the finest ingredients and crafting delectable products that elevate every dining experience.

Our journey began with a simple yet profound commitment: to provide our customers with more than just food; we strive to offer culinary excellence that nourishes both body and soul. Each ingredient we select undergoes rigorous scrutiny, ensuring freshness, sustainability, and uncompromised taste in every bite.

Our range of product categories or specialties is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of quality and innovation.

We invite you to savor the flavors, embrace the stories, and join us on this flavorful adventure. Together, let’s celebrate the joy of good food and the moments it creates, because at Savoy’s Foods, every meal is a masterpiece crafted with love, dedication, and a dash of inspiration.

Savoy's Frozen Vegetables

Grated Coconut

Drumstick Cuts

Jackfruits Seeds

Chinese Potato

Sliced Coconut

Tapioca Sliced

Savoy's Frozen Breads

Malabar Porotta

Malabar Porotta Family Pack

Savoy's Snacks

Jackfruit chips

Jackfruit Chips is one of the famous snack in South India, made by deep frying half-ripe flesh of the jackfruit.

Kerala Mixture

Kerala Mixture is a widely used snack. It contains items including peanuts, garlic, curry leaves, red chilli powder.

Bombay Mixture

Bombay mix is an Indian snack which consists of a mixture of spicy dried ingredients such as fried lentils, peanuts, corn, vegetable oil, puffed rice, and curry leaves.

Banana chips

Banana chips are deep-fried or dried, generally crispy slices of bananas. They are usually made from firmer, starchier banana varieties like the Saba and Nendran cultivars.

Cassava Chips

Cassava Chips are a crispy, crunchy, salty snack that’s a healthy alternative to potato chips made from cassava root.

Rice Murukku

Rice Murukku is a savoury, crunchy snack made from rice flour and urad dal flour.

Captain's Fish

Captains Fish

We produce the best quality sea food products.

Captain’s offers a premium line of frozen fish and seafoods to exact specifications and rich in natural flavor and texture. Our products are a great way to enjoy the health benefits of fish and are simple to prepare. Our freshly frozen fish and seafood is perfect for stocking up your freezer without compromising on quality or freshness.


Customers Reviews

Crsipy and Crunchy. Loved it. Gonna come back again.

The Yummiest Indian Snacks

It was my first time trying Indian snacks and loved it.
Mike Sendler